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Mineral hair growth fertilizer spray picture


Benefits :

Promote hair growth

Boosts natural keratin

Boosts Collagen

Repairs scalp & hair follicles at cellular level

Prevent hairloss

Remove ha…

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Pure cold pressed castor oil |100% organic picture

Castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant Ricinus communis. Our 100% Pure castor Oil is a cold-pressed castor oil …

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Intensive hairline growth kit picture

Kit includes:

1 x Mineral Hair Growth Fertilizer Spray 

1 x Derma roller

This can be used to stimulate dormant, shortening or thinning hair because…

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Elizabethm miniature kit picture

Looking at trying our products before investing in a full kit then The ElizabethM Miniature Kit will be ideal. The kit covers your wash day needs fro…

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Rejuvenate hot oil treatment set picture

Set includes: 

100ml Organi  Castor oil

20ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

10ml Peppermint Essential Oil 


increased hair s…

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Men's beard & hairgrowth kit- goodman collection picture

Hair and Beard Kit includes:

250ml Mineral Hair Growth Fertilizer Spray 

200ml Head to Toe Liquid Black Soap Shampoo- fragrance free

50g Raw Shea b…

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Embrace Naturals is an emerging hair care brand with a passion for formulating hair products deeply rooted in African traditional hair growth practices that grow hair long.

Our vision is to help women and men return to the source of who we are as proud Africans and to passing this knowledge of our n…

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