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About us

Embrace Naturals is an emerging hair care brand with a passion for formulating hair products deeply rooted in African traditional hair growth practices using ayuverdic ingredients. We strongly believe that all hair is good hair and that a nudge in the right direction is all you need to bring the life back into your kinky curls. 

Our first range is a chébé hair care range which focuses on moisture retention as well as a healthy & clean scalp to support healthy growing hair that retains its length and grows long. For years women of colour have struggled to grow hair passed shoulder length and the secret to that is length retention. 

Our mission is to bring high quality natural products that are affordable and made from raw ingredients that are ethically sourced from Africa. Our supply chain supports women's organisations that empower local communities in Africa .We do not test any of our products on animals. Nature has gifted us everything we need so let's embrace this gift and take our hair and skin care back to the source.

Mother natures love and kindness through us to you!

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