Is it suitable for little children? 

Ans: Any child above the age of 2 can use chébé powder however we recommend a simple regimen for children which includes Ambunu herbal shampoo, African black soap shampoo, Wildharvested shea butter and Karkar oil. 


How bad is the smell of chébé: 

Our chébé powder is not roasted and thus does not smell bad at all, it has a more spicy like smell. Our chébé butter is available fragrance free or butter cream fragranced giving it a delicious cookie aroma.


How do I know the chébé I'm using is real or fake?

Chébé powder is a hand made product meaning it's texture, smell and colour may vary, no hand made product is ever the same as the next. It is also manufactured in different countries and this may add to variance. The desired results or your hair needs are what determine it's effectiveness. 


How long does it take for the result to be visible?

Ans: This depends on the cause of hair problem but most people start seeing changes from the first week of usage. 


Can chébé be used to darken grey hair? 

Ans: We don't have any evidence to prove that yet though some people claim it does, but we are sure that it will give you longer and fuller hair. 


My hair breaks a lot, can Chébé  help? 

Ans: The first major thing that Chébé does is to drastically reduce or even stop hair breakage. This is usually noticeable from the first application. 


How do I apply the mixture?

The are various ways to include the chébé herb in your hair care regimen and a guide is included in your order as to the various methods one can use it. 


Does it work for baldness or bad edges? 

Ans: Chébé does not grow hair but it does strengthen and thicken hair strands,  the rate of response depends on the cause of hair problem. If baldness is hereditary it takes a very long time before changes can be visible. For ladies with bad edges ,if it was caused by tight hairstyles, it will take an average of four weeks of following chébé instructions religiously before visible results can be seen. 


Is it only for virgin hair? 

Ans: No , it is for all hair types. 


 How long can I apply chébé?

As long as you want or until you achieve your desired length. 


Does Chebe have a side effect? 

Ans:. It is 100% organic and therefore no side effects. You can stop using it at any time and your hair will still benefit from previous applications. 

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