Traditional african black soap bar 500g-family pack picture

Traditional African Black Soap Bar 500g-Family pack

R 250

Authentic African Black Soap from a traditional Ghanaian recipe. You can use the african black soap bar instead of shampoo, to wash and care for your hair as well as your skin if you suffer from acne. The bar offers a 2-in 1 solution.

Our soap bars are especially recommended for those whose skin tends to be oilier, acne prone or suffer from eczema. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Use head to toe to thoroughly cleanse skin and hair with natural pure ingredients you will love!

Benefits of the soap include:

Purifying skin

Balancing oil production

Healing breakouts

Fading scars including acne scars

Brightening complexion

To cleanse hair with the soap cut a few pieces and let melt in warm water then apply to damp hair and cleanse scalp. Follow with a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar(with the mother) rinse.

 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water as your final rinse to balance the PH of your scalp and hair and close hair cuticles.


Please note: This soap can be very drying so please use sparingly on your face, 1-2 times a week not daily and follow with a deep mositurising routine.

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