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Length retention combo picture
Length retention combo picture

Length Retention Combo

R 280

How to use the treatment:

You are going to need chebe powder and karkar oil.

Mix 1 part powder and 3 parts karkar oil until you get a slightly liquid-y mixture (add more oil if needed). There should be enough to cover all of your hair.

Section the hair (4 or 6 parts) and wet it. You can use a spray bottle to make it more convenient.

Apply your mixture to each sections making sure the powder is not touching the scalp- it will reach scalp naturally. When you feel like your hair is properly covered and moisturised, braid it up.

Leave the braids for up to 5 -7days, then unbraid the hair and repeat the process. If you notice buildup, wash your hair thoroughly with our African Black soap bar or liquid shampoo before going through with the procedure. If all is fine, you can repeat the treatment without washing out the previous one.


On days when you want to style your hair and still get the benefit of chébé then the butter can be used, spritz hair with water, apply a decent amount of butter and style.




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