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Chébé Powder

R 100

Chébé (pronounced shebe) is a mixture of herbs used to lubricate and strengthen the hair strands. The women of Chad apply it with cream and oil to the length of their hair (not the scalp) and then braid it into a protective style. The Chébé mixture stays in the hair and is reapplied every 5 to 7 days. This method encourages length retention and thus longer hair. Chebe powder is known to promote moisture retention, thicker hair over time and less breakage. The Chebe powder method of length retention also involves very low manipulation to the hair which reduces breakage significantly 

Chebe powder Primary Ingredients 

Lavender croton

Prunus Mahaleb (Cherry plant)

Misic – used for fragrance

Mastic gum

Sudanese Khumra Perfume oil



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