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200ml karkar hair growth oil picture

200ml Karkar Hair Growth Oil

R 150

This wonderful hair oil is made from a mix of sesame seed oil and beeswax that’s melted together to form a rich, nutritiously thick oil. Rich in linoleic acid, it’s also an easily absorbed source of vitamins E and K, both essential for strong hair growth. Other key components include copper, manganese, magnesium, iron and zinc. Sudanese women, known globally for their gloriously glossy skin and hair, use karkar oil not only as a hair treatment, but a body moisturizer, too.


To increase the benefits gained from karkar oil further, it’s often mixed with our chébé powder. This is the best treatment for hair growth and improving density, and is derived from the Lavender Croton shrub that grows throughout Africa. It has several other benefits for black hair including the ability to increase, and retain, the moisture content in your hair. Although recommended for 4C hair, it works equally well with 3A – 4B hair types too.

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